Upright Citizens Brigade



Degree: No
Competition: Low

Hilarity ensues

nightly, filling the Chelsea air with the faint sounds of belly laughs wafting from the comedy dungeon at Upright Citizens Brigade. Expert sketch comedy and a roster of SNL alumni have made this comedy staple a legend in its own time for churning out comedians and top improvisational actors. UCB has a reputation for non-pretentious, fun, and practical hands-on training. The culture is one where current alumni share tips and tidbits of comedy gold with professionals and novice performers alike.

UCB offers an Improve Program and a Sketch Comedy Program, as well as additional elective courses and advanced study. Open courses are posted on twitter weeks in advance and often sell out in a matter of seconds. If you are interested in studying at the UCB, following @UCBClassesNYC is highly recommended.

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